Welcome to the York Grotto On-Line Caving Experience.

Get ready for an educational, interactive tour of a real cave. You can see almost every foot of this beautiful cave without having to spend money to acquire the proper equipment, without taking a chance on breaking anything inside the cave and you donít even have to get dirty on this trip if you donít want to. If you already know what is needed to go caving properly, you follow safety and conservation practices and get the proper permission, then you will be set to do well here too.
This cave is currently protected from the public by several means, for good reasons. As you traverse through the cavern, take a look around and the farther you get, the more you will understand why the name and location of this cave are not provided. A conservation of all caves is necessary if we want to enjoy them for years to come. Due to the general lack of respect for caves, the land and the landowners, more caves are being closed and destroyed than are being discovered. Please help in the effort to preserve these natural wonders before they are gone.
I hope that you enjoy this experience and maybe even learn something here too.
- Matt Saltzer
I have been working on this concept for two and a half years now. Some people didnít even realize they were involved in this but their help was appreciated nonetheless. In particular though, I would like to thank Craig Anderson for the cave-loads of time spent making the web interface (to my ever-increasing specifications) and Andy Leh, George Hoch, Alan Horn, Ted Sargent, Joel Jacobs and Dale Ibberson for their time and efforts with the concepts and physical work involved in this project.
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