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Membership Info (Click here for a printable version.)
York Grotto Dues are:

Regular members (NSS members) $10; $11 if paying electronically
Associate members (non-NSS members) $11; $12 if paying electronically
Dependents (children, spouses, no Poopsheet or Newsletter) $1; $1 electronically

(There is a $1 surcharge for electronic payment for Regular and Associate members to cover the fees charged by Paypal.)
To join or to renew your membership in the traditional way (by mail or at a meeting), click on the link below to download the PDF membership form, fill it out and mail it or bring it to a meeting.

Membership Form link

For those who like the new-fangled electronic methods, see below.
  • Current members who are renewing for themselves only with NO CHANGE in their information and wish to use Paypal or a credit card, click on the appropriate button below (Regular for NSS members, Associate for non-NSS members).

  • Current members who are renewing and paying dues for more than one person (spouse, children, etc.) click on the button below:
  • Current members who need to CHANGE YOUR INFO: Click HERE to go to the information page. (You can just update info, or you can update and pay dues from this link.)

  • New members: We need some information from you. Click HERE to go to the information page.

  • If several members of the same family are joining or renewing at once, please email treasurer@yorkgrotto.org to discuss how to complete the information.
    Next Meeting: TUESDAY, November 28, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at John's Diner. Come early, join the cavers for dinner and try something from John's eclectic menu.
    *NEW* Battle for Bats - A USDA Forest Service video showcasing the search for solutions of White Nose Syndrome in Bats
    White Nose Syndrome Information Link
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