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Mystic (Click here for a printable version.)
Mystic cave has three entrances. We did a through trip this time. The cave is closed spring and summer because it is a nursery for bats during these periods. The owners name is Mrs. Teter, a very pleasant 80 plus years old woman. You must stop and seek permission to enter the cave and sign a log / liability release book. Failure to do so could result in the removal of your wheel valve stems with no nearby help, as most neighbors are related (no West Virginia jokes please.) This apparently happened to "spelunkers" who were seeking permission to enter. They were told that the cave was closed during the nursery dates. They ignored her the result was their valve stems were removed all four wheels and the neighbors were told not to assist.

Alan Horn




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*NEW* Battle for Bats - A USDA Forest Service video showcasing the search for solutions of White Nose Syndrome in Bats
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